What Ring Size Should I Order?

There are a variety of ways to determine your ring size. 

Here's the option we recommend. You will need a pen, string or a piece of dental floss, and a ruler.

  1. Grab your string or dental floss. Wrap it around your ring finger, where you want the ring to sit. (If you have large knuckles, take that into account.)
  2. Get a pen and mark the point where the end of the string meets the part wrapped around your finger.
  3. With your ruler, measure the length of the string from the end to your mark.
  4. Refer to the chart below to find the closest measurement. This is your ring size. (If you're between sizes, choose the higher number for a ring size.)
  5. We currently offer ring sizes 8-11.  Other ring sizes will be available in the future. 

Size 8:  18.14 mm / .0714 in

Size 9:  18.95 mm / .0746 in

Size 10:  19.76 mm / .0778 in

Size 11:  20.57 mm / 0.810 in

There are other ring-measuring techniques on the web if this didn't help.