For a dollar, a silicone ring helps you ...

Mechanic working under Volkswagen Beetle

... avoid work-related injuries (and working out injuries)

Over 140,000 people lose or severely mangle a finger every year. Most metal rings must be cut off at the hospital because the pieces of the ring can go into your hand. A silicone ring is meant to stretch until it breaks, thus making a silicone ring a much safer choice.

Husband and wife sitting back-to-back

... avoid sleeping on the couch

Four out of ten guys lose their wedding band each year. With our rings, you can accidentally lose a ring, but still have a back-up ready to use. A couch might be comfortable for a football game, but not for a night!

A set of suitcases near airport window

... avoid an expensive loss while traveling

Leave your expensive rings at home while you're deployed or traveling. Instead, take a silicone ring. You will still  have a ring on, and a great-looking one at that.